Wednesday, 20 June 2012

crazybobs cops and robbers stock market guide(sf)

well looking to make more money in crazybob s cops and robbers then the best way to 
make is share market.

What is a Stock?
When you buy Stocks, you are buying a share, or part of a company, business or institution. Companies do this to generate capital that is used for investing back into the business. 

The more successful a business is, the higher its value will be. An unsuccessful busniess will not be valued highly. 

You can buy between 100-100000 'shares' of a business in CnR

Go to Banks, or City Hall to buy Stocks. Out of town is better, because noobs will fuck with you in the main city.

Between 7pm -7am Game Time the Stock Market is 'closed'. This means that prices will not change between these times. The people getting the good deals on safe, high moving stock, are people who check into City Hall or The Bank regularly.

Enter /shares or /stocks to see what you currently own. Then select the number(1,2,3 etc) to see if your shares are making money.

At the moment, there are 20 different Stocks you can buy(Commercial Market is not available yet)
(old pic. Clothing Market is now available. July 2011)

I will divide the different Stocks into 2 categories: Fast Stocks, Slow Stocks.

Fast: These change value quickly and go bust frequently. You can make money on these in the space of a game week, you can also lose your money because they go bust very often. 

Slow: These move more slowly, very rarely go bust, and may take 3-4 or more game weeks for you to make good profit. They are stable and safe investments. They inlcude: Government Bonds, House Market, Fish Market, Police Dept, Ammunation and Off Track Betting. 
Fish Markets stocks have changed since this guide was made. Awaiting further analysis.
This is a very simplified way of looking at it. Obviously I could go into more details, but it wouldn't be a simple guide if I did that.

An example of a good investment.
When you are in a City Hall or Bank, you select 'Stock Market' and the list of Stocks is displayed. The select the Stock you are interested in. The text draw will display 'Purchase Price'(what you originally paid), 'Current Profit'(the profit you make if you sell them) and other info.

An example of a bad investment.
Here you can see my Stocks are valued at $7.46. I originally paid $20.27 for each share. I bought 100,000 shares, so originally I paid around 2mill for thses shares. If I sold them, I would get around $700,000. So obviously a bad investment.

Stock Split
A Stock Split can be very profitable. I think it is similar to a company being bought out by investors, therefore the value increases rapidly, and you get a payment for being an investor. So, in CnR, if you see a 'Fast' Stock at very low price($0-$3), it might be worth buying 100,000 shares in case there is a Stock Split.

I still don't completely understand the Stock Split, so we can add more info when we do.

Best stocks ares 
police department
transport industry 
clothing industry 

whenever you found this stocks with price under 30 buy it 
and wait for 2 or 4 game week it will increase up to 90 or above make Huge profit.This is mainly for sf.

Have suggestion or thoughts please say in comments.want
to know about anyother  details please say in comments so that 
we can make post.

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