In fact, it was featured and talked about on one of NBC’s morning show in 2008 ! Yep, you better catch up! Many people are making some extra cash by playing games. It might not make you rich, but its a good way of making a little extra money.
What’s the catch?
There must be catch or something, right?… Well, you are right and wrong! Yes, there are some sites that you can make money by playing games, but you have to participate in real cash games which means you have to spend money just like in a casino setting or credit card reward programs where you get point or cash back for spending money. The more you spend the more you earn.
However, those are not the kind of paid games sites I am talking about. I am talking about game sites that allow you to make money playing games without you having to spend any money. These are 100% free game sites where anyone can join for free and get paid for playing games.
How does getting paid to play games work?
There is a very simple idea behind it. Basically, they show ads on their game site where you play games and get paid. Obviously these game sites get paid from their advertisers, and lots of it depending on how mcuh traffic they get and how long each visitors stays on their sites. So, in order to attract more traffic and keep that traffic for longer on their site, they use a percentage of the money earned from advertising to pay games like you and I to play online games on their site. As you can see, get paid to play game sites are based on a very simple, yet incredibly effective idea. They serve ads, they get paid and you get paid to play games online for free. Everybody wins!
So, if you are ready to have some fun and get paid to play games online for free, here are 10 game sites where you can get paid for playing games:
Get Paid to Play Games
Make money playing games on SecondLife
1- Exodus3000 Exodus 3000 is a multi-player RPG strategy game where the stage is set roughly 1000 years into the future, after the planet earth has been rendered uninhabitable due to a catastrophic event. Each player has a home base that they can venture out in search of minerals and “mars dollars” ( the official currency of the game) from.
You earn mars dollars by mining volcanoes, searching ruins and attacking other players. After earning a predetermined amount, you can request a cash out. You will be paid in the form of real money. It’s a very simple and fun game and from what I have researched and heard, nobody has had any difficulty in receiving their payment. When you join you receive 5000 free Mars Dollars. Exchange rate is 300,000 MD = $20.00.
2- SecondLife Anshe Chungthe who is a SL property developer was recently announced the worlds first millionaire, with income earned entirely from virtual world profit, she has made $250 million Linden which can be exchange for $1 million dollars in the real world. Second Life is a world of almost 2 million people where your avatar (your three dimensional character) can meet and chat with other people.You can make money by buying and selling land (Virtual real estate), creating and selling content, clothing, gadgets, hosting and performing at events, Game shows, rock concerts and a whole bunch of different ways including sitting on camping chairs! Yes, store owners will pay you to for sitting on camping chairs near their store, because other people may come to hang out with you and the more people gather the better for the store owner, as it means some of those people may buy stuff from the store.
3- ClubBing It’s a new site crated by Microsoft as a part of making Bing (Microsoft’s decision making search engine) known and expanding its reach. Each time you play a game you earn tickets, (some games give you 1 ticket and some 5 ), which then you can redeem for various prizes. You can also donate your tickets to a charity or school of your choice. there is a limit of 1000 tickets to be earned each day. Every 1000 tickets converts to $10. make sure to sign in with your Windows Live ID when you play.
4- PlayAndWin You can play many fun and entertaining games like Backgammon, Bingo and Mahjongat at for free. You can earn tokens, which can be used for drawings for the various Jackpots.
5- PaidGamePlayer You can play over 25 online games including Bejeweled 2, Zuma, Family Feud and challenge your way to the winners circle. Yes its contest based, so by competing against others and wining, you earn money. You have the option to upgrade and become a paid member, which gives you more benefit and allows you to win more money, but I suggest you stay away from paid membership. After all, you are here to try to make some money not to lose. They claim that over $250,000 in cash and prizes is awarded to members every day. You can also make money by doing other things like completing surveys and trying brand name products and reviewing games.
6- Clip2Play Most of the games are flash games here and you compete against others in their daily tournaments. 50 people (the winners) are awarded each day. Each person you refer will earn you 10 points which can be redeemed for cash.
7- BingoZone Its a free to play bingo site that has games that start every few minutes around the clock, 24/7. prizes start at $1.00 and increase until there’s a winner .
8- Pogo There are two ways to win money in this free gaming site; you can play daily prize drawings which works by trading in your earned tokens from playing games for a chance to win the drawing that pays up to $1000, or you can Play any game with a Jackpot and win up to $4,999 instantly and if you play well you get bonus spins.
9- WorldWinner This is almost like a gambling site but with an option to play free games. You can participate in tournaments for a verity of skilled based games, from bejeweled2, 8-Ball Pool to Solitaire Rush & Free Cell. It’s a popular site.
 (Update: This site no longer exist) Each game you play earns you 1 game credit and the credits are converted to cash and paid via pay pal, e-gold, liberty reserve, and MoneyBookers, within 3 days of the end of each calendar month. The minimum amount required for cash out is $0.10. There are some other ways to earn credits too like participating in promotions and specials that they run, which happens quite often. Games includes Action, Adventure, Puzzle, Racing, Retro, Shoot ‘em up, Sports and many other popular games.
Although a few people like Anshe Chungthe did manage to make millions from playing Second Life, for the rest of us, it’s highly unlikely to make millions of dollars playing online games. So, let’s be honest, you will not get rich playing games, nor will you make a living doing this. It’s simply one of those really fun ways to make money and who wouldn’t like to get paid to play games!

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