Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to find Money rush in cnr

Money rush: Every other day at around 13:00 there will be a money rush. This means that the Mafia has dropped a bag of money somewhere, and you have to look for it. Don't worry, it gives you the AREA it is in (for example: Palomino Creek or something, not just "the countryside." You can refer to "" and use the search box on the side if you are unsure where an area is. All you have to do is search every nook and cranny (and rooftops sometimes: hint!) to find it.

first know how moneybag look like so it make easier to find 

In locations it ll be like this

usually the locations are 
country towns 
which can be found in gps using /gps

In other case you have to use online map given 
above follow the money rush messages daily 
so that you can get idea of locations 
like north rock,fallen tree,tree factor,leaf hallow,
angelpine get the location on online map 
know where it is so that from next time you can find 
the locations

Now where the money bag will be in that locations 
for moneybag you have to search the location deeper
like rooftop,dustbins,roads,etc etc it will be present 

How much moneybag worth 
it usually worth from 200k to 500k
Have this in mind follow the tips you can find bag 
easily.Regular search make you pro in moneyrush.

All the best
Any doubts or clarification comment below

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