Sunday, 10 June 2012

How to use fishlog in cnr

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  1. when i push play and then i have to log in self but then he doesnt do anything?

    1. sorry can t understand can u explain little brief
      if you give your id and password in fishlog
      you just have to enter into game it automatically
      take you directly into game without asking your login
      and password all you do is just wait until u get on to

      if you are new to game just know how to fish then you
      can understand this clearly.

    2. im having a problem with fishlog I cant seem to get it working.

      with the play tab I click it and go on a server it loads then trys to connect to 7777 and not the server IP ive tryed reinstalling fishlog and the game and samp but still nothing. ive also tryed running it in the background then opening the server through samp normally I get the car stats from capslock I've also tryed different compadabilities.

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  2. will u win lotto by using fishlog?