Wednesday, 4 July 2012

How to hack money in Crazybobs cops and robbers

All the people are looking to hack money in crazybobs server but the
server has an excelling security system to avoid hacks.

So there is no way to hack money in cbcnr?
No there is a way to hack money i seen many players
who made money from hack and exploit it later
got banned or kicked.

There are three tools to hack money in cbcnr
which is

mod sobit
cheat engine
windows packet editor

however i know only about the tools i dont know
how to use it but using this tools  we can make money
hack without detection.

Soon i will post tutorial to use these tools
keep regular to blog for more information about samp
and cbcnr

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  1. LOL ive done trying to make a hack for money i used mod sobiet it works but any second the money wIlL gone but cant be banned ... maybe trying for a few times it will make u banned xD

    1. yeah we too know that u cant do money hack without hack server sided packets
      for that only wpe used i seen some players
      hacked money and got banned later after they published that but there is a way to hack money

  2. he is noob cant find one....lolz

  3. please tell me how or email me thx

  4. wat is ur account in youtube so i can watch ur vid money hack and when did u post the vid

  5. Your blog is very useful for me.I really like you post.Thanks for sharing.