Monday, 2 July 2012

Vogelz mod hack for samp mediafire link

download it at ur own risk 

for crazybobs cops and robbers dont use this hacks you can use only
ammo hack which is shared by our blog visitor so use it in your own
risk but i hope you wont get banned try it.

Shehroz Rafiq

use vogelz multiplayer version for unlimited weapon ammo in crazybob. just buy a say, mp5 for 5k from any player n then turn on ur unlimited ammo option in the cheat i mean press shortcut.. i didnt remember the exact shortcut key.. n then fire on ground u will have many ammos like 349384-223 < for example.. i hope this help u n ur visitors.. if u want u can add my name that Thanks to Orochi for this useful tip.. i will give u some more hacking tips without getting ac ban. have comments about the post let us know

have comments about the post let us know 

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