Sunday, 11 November 2012

How to increase your BidVertiser earnings so soon

BidVertiser Blackhat Method

                  This black hat method I am going to share with you is a bit risky. It can be applied with other publisher network also but please I suggest you to NEVER try this blackhat method with google adsense. Google adsense is very smart, they can detect in a minute and will kick you out from their program. So stay safe.

                Since we know that many people can't make decet money online through white hat method so they search for shortcut method. Most of the shortcut methods of earning are unethical which is the same case with BidVertier. The shortcut method of earning with BidVertiser is blackhat BidVertiser method thats what I called.

Note:- Please use thid BidVertiser blackhat method at your own risk. I am sharing the information with you whether you use it or not. If your BidVertiser account get closed due to use of this BidVertiser blackhat method, I won't take responsibility. So please think twice and use it at your own RISK!!!

Here are the steps to make money from BidVertiser blackhat method

1. Create 10+ blogs on To make one for free click here.

2. Go to google news and copy and paste a few articles on each blog or you can also go to and grab an article about your topic. Also add some pictures related to topic to make it look nice.

3. Make an account at To get one account for free click here.

4. Choose 10 different categories and grab a code for each.

5. Put the BidVertiser code on your blogs

6. Get in order to change your ip quickl. Click here to go to site.

7. Start clicking on your own ads (First change your ip address to different country ip address).

8. Buy some dirty cheap garbage piece of crap traffic and send it to your blogs.

If you do about 5 clicks a blog per day you will never get caught since BidVertiser ain’t no google, I’ll tell you that much. They are completely clueless when it comes to this kind of stuff.

BidVertiser pays surprisingly high per click and you should average a dollar($1) or more per click if you choose your categories carefully.

5 clicks X 10 blogs X $1 = $50/day

1. Don't forget to clear the cookies of your computer.

2. If you create more blogs and start sending some decent targeted traffic then will never catch
you. So try to do white hat also with black hat method if you never want to get caught. So did you ever tried practicing this BidVertiser blackhat method. If you never heard about them then you are welcome to the make money from BidVertiser blackhat method on make money online with BidVertiser blog.

---------- Best of luck!!! ----------

BidVertiser Ougos & Autosurf Method

1. First go to or and sign up for a blog, on the blog page make a bunch text that looks like links but doesn’t actually lead anywhere – then add a lot of filler text like an article from wikipedia or something like that.

2. Next sign up with, and

3. Now, go back to you’re weebly site and add you’re BidVertiser ads – I like to use 3 of them although you may need less in order to get accepted by AutosurfTraffic and Ougos – if this is the case then simply remove the ads when you apply and put them back in later.

4. Now download the Ougos browser. It is a special type of browser that you let autosurf and it clicks sites links – for every 4 clicks you’re browser makes on other sites (it runs 2 threads at a time) you earn 1 click on your site. Since you’re site only has ads and one other link, you will receive most of those clicks to ads. Earning a great deal of money.


When using Ougos select “disable pictures” “disable activex” and “disable downloads” or you’re computer will receive spam.

Also make sure to sign up and actively place you’re site on autosurftraffic this ensures you’re banners are getting lots of extra impressions other than just the Ougos ones. This keeps your CTR rate down so that it is less suspicious and so you receive you’re payouts.

Of course you can scale this up with SEO and other marketing methods, or forced routing through fake iframes.


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